Vehicular superstructures

With our modern and practical solutions your transports will be effective and loading and unloading is easy.

The superstructures are available as open, fully side openable or equipped with various curtain superstructure alternatives.

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Drawbar trailers

Tyllis trailers are designed and assembled carefully down to the last detail. The trailers are available in different models such as open, fully side openable or equipped with various curtain superstructure alternatives.

Tyllis manufactures pneumatically or hydraulically operated special solutions such as lifting roofs, woodchip transport trailers and other backwards and sidetipping trailers.

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We at Tyllis Oy Ab have a firm background of semi-trailer production. Tyllis semi-trailers facilitate quick and safe loading and unloading.

Semi-trailers are available as straight, jumbo, short, long and extendable fitted with various superstructure alternatives.

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Crane trucks

A Tyllis crane truck significantly upgrades your transport efficiency.

Depending on your needs, your vehicle can be equipped with a keel pocket and hydraulic boat supports, a hydraulically extendable rear beam, and edge posts that can be extended hydraulically or manually. You can also order a crane truck with container locks, various lashing hooks and pole casings.

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Centre axle trailers

Centre axle trailers are used for crane trucks or module combinations.

Centre axle trailers are manufactured according to the customer's specifications. A few examples are extremely low built, keel pocket, boat supports, extendable front- and rear beam and extendable drawbar.

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Tyllis manufactures "dollies" of best quality with years of experience. Tyllis dollies are of high-quality and stand up to the roughest wear.

The robot-welded frame guarantees high-quality. Various tire sizes and axles enable you to adjust the height of the fifth wheel.

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